Color 2021

Samples of non-published works, did the colors on Clip Studio Paint just for fun. Muestras de trabajo no publicado, hice los colores en Clip Studio Paint solo por diversión.

Dark Threads: Surfgirl

Lettering & editorial design for Dark Threads: Surfgirl, written by Asche Adair with art by Ariel Medel, inks by Jagdish Kumar and colors by Bryan Valenza. Rótulos y diseño editorial para Dark Threads: Surfgirl, escrito por Asche Adair con arte de Ariel Medel, tintas de Jagdish Kumar y colores de Bryan Valenza.

The Six Swords

Lettering & editorial design for The Six Swords, Volume 1: New Orleans, written by Chris Massari. Melchor Sapiandante and Matthew Perez with art by Ryan Cody and colors by Elaina Unger. Cover by Eoin Marron (art) and Michael Doig (color). Rótulos y diseño editorial para The Six Swords, Volume 1: New Orleans, escrito por ChrisContinue reading “The Six Swords”


Color & lettering for LVB graphic novel, written by Gabo Sosa Palmeros with art by Eme de Armario. Color y rótulos para LVB, novela gráfica escrita por Gabo Sosa Palmeros con arte de Eme de Armario.

Mundo Diablo

Lettering for some stories from Mundo Diablo anthology, written by Homero Ríos with art by Joel Ojeda (Special Delivery), Salvador Velázquez (All Children Come From Hell) and Oscar Pinto (The True King of Demons). Also, my digital color work is on Special Delivery. Published in english by Virus. Rótulos para algunas historias de la antologíaContinue reading “Mundo Diablo”


Digital colors and lettering for Ikigai, a short story by Chris Massari with lineart by Brad Seymour for the third Kayfabe Wrestling Anthology. Color digital y rótulos para Ikigai, historieta breve con guión de Chris Massari y dibujo de Brad Seymour para el tercer volumen de Kayfabe Wrestling Anthology.

Proyecto A

Lettering and logo for Proyecto A series, written by Gabo Sosa with artwork by Enid Balam and Eme de Armario. Rótulos y logo para la serie Proyecto A, escrita por Gabo Sosa con arte de Enid Balam y Eme de Armario.

Lettering samples

Samples of my comic book lettering work from 2012 to 2020. Heavy Metal, short stories, Zenescope, webcomics and more. Muestras de mi trabajo de lettering en historietas de 2012 a 2020. Heavy Metal, historias autoconclusivas, Zenescope, webcomics y más.


A sample of my design work on headers and logos for publishing studios, comic books, musical ensemble and more. Muestra de mi trabajo de diseño en encabezados y logos para editoriales, historietas, grupos musicales y más.

Color, 2006-2017

A brief compendium of my digital color work for comic books from 2006 to 2017. Un breve compendio de mi trabajo de color digital para historietas de 2006 a 2017.

Our Friend Satan

Lettering for Our Friend Satan, a 110 pages graphic novel written by Dominik L. Marzec, with artwork by Lukas Lalko & Michael Murawski. Published in 2017 by Timof Comics. My first european work as letterer. Rótulos para Our Friend Satan, novela gráfica de 110 páginas escrita por Dominik L. Marzec, con arte de Lukas LalkoContinue reading “Our Friend Satan”

Heavy Metal

Lettering for short stories written by Homero Ríos for Heavy Metal magazine issues 263, 266, 272 and 275: The Nature of All Things (art by Mark Lorenzana), Fate (art by Joe Sánchez), The Giver (art by José García) and The Outsider (art by Salvador Velázquez). Heavy Metal #275 was a truly special edition not onlyContinue reading “Heavy Metal”