Hace unos minutos encontré esta nota y me ha parecido una excelente noticia, la primera manifestación física de MUBI en el mundo se hará realidad en la capital de nuestro país. Siendo suscriptor, fan acérrimo de la plataforma y visitante ocasional de la CDMX esta noticia me encantó.

Located in a former industrial complex in Mexico City, the cinema is an exploratory step in the transition from streaming to a physical realization of MUBI. The project’s structural elements, from conception to construction, belong simultaneously to the cinematic and architectural syntax.

The main need is to overcome the dogmatic form of “the box” as a module and the ordering principle of a cinema. Exploding the spaces and designing a bridge-shaped structure, created around a void—an evolution of the idea of a shell—responds to the surrounding architectural context of Mexico City. The structure’s body is reduced to a minimum; the sloping facade that is visible from the street is itself a screen as well as the entrance, as is the rear wall. The side walls are small screens that support the structure, without closing it—becoming additional lenses for the external view of the surrounding buildings.

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