Con tan solo 8 tracks y apenas 29 minutos de duración A la Menthe fue de lo mejor que escuché el año pasado, parece que salvo otro álbum y varios tracks publicados de manera individual, no hay mucho de Riff Cohen. Lo primero que escuché fue Marrakech, una canción dedicada a Marruecos, producida por una compañía italiana e interpretada en francés por una artista israelí, el tipo de mezcla que lleva a resultados que me agradan.

Riff Cohen (Hebrew: ריף כהן‎) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, actress, and musician who performs songs in Hebrew, French and Arabic. After finishing her high school studies she started to focus on her own career; she studied musicology at Tel Aviv University and performed as a singer in a musical ensemble. In 2008 she moved to Paris after winning an artistic scholarship. Cohen defines her music as a mix of Middle Eastern Urban Rock, North-African folk and Raï, considered representative of the Tzarfokai culture, a slang term in Hebrew used to refer to the Francophone Jews from the Maghreb. Her music has been influenced by amazigh music, gnaoua and raï, especially the Algerian singer Cheikha Rabia. Her songs are in Hebrew, French, or Arabic, with her mother Patricia writing the lyrics in French.


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