Mumiy Troll, The Best

Desde hace varias semanas llevo escuchando de manera constante la música de Mumiy Troll, como no he podido decidirme por un disco en particular he decidido compartir un álbum de éxitos donde vienen varias canciones que llevo escuchando una y otra vez y otra vez (en particular Фантастика, de la que además he dejado el videoclip al final de esta entrada). Me ha hecho gracia que Mumiy Troll se traduce literalmente como Momia Troll en referencia (como broma y juego de palabras) a Los Moomin (Moomin Troll), la serie de libros infantiles creados por el finlandés Tove Jansson y protagonistas de la animación que alguna vez llegaron a transmitir en México por Canal 22.

The group was founded on 16 October 1983 in Vladivostok. In 1985, they recorded the first album, Novaya Luna Aprelya, which was eventually distributed on tape. Mumiy Troll broke up when Lagutenko, who graduated in Mandarin and Chinese Economy, went to serve in the Soviet army. Then he came back, the band released the second album, Delay Yu-Yu in 1990. The early concerts were proven commercially unsuccessful and they first gained immense popularity with the release of their first (official) album Morskaya (Морская, Marine) in May 1997, which showcased a combination of melodic hard rock and Lagutenko’s offbeat lyrics and coy, androgynous performance style. The second CD Ikra (Икра, Caviar), followed seven months later, and was equally successful.


Published by Renato

Como artista gráfico he publicado mi trabajo en 6S Studio, DC Comics, Heavy Metal, IDW Publishing, Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Rovolt, Stone Arch, Timof Comics, Zenescope Entertainment y más.

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