So… if you read the article in the link above you know that «Neverland: Age of Darkness» is the next project I’m involved as colorist for Zenescope. Four issues (tie-in to Age of Darkness crossover) with words by Dan Wickline and art by Luca Claretti. Excerpt from Dan’s article in Bleeding Cool:

«My latest project is tying into their biggest, most ambitious crossover yet – Age of Darkness. This is a line-wide mega event that will change the status quo of every book they publish. In the Zenescope Universe, Peter Pan was the villain and the guy with the hook was the savior of Neverland. […] This series isn’t the “if you think happy thoughts you can fly” type but rather, “there’s something in the shadows and it will kill you” type. I wanted to make that very clear from the beginning… so I tapped into my horror writing background to start the book off. It’s fast-paced, violent and shows just how bad-ass a guy with a hook can be. […] I’m writing the series based on a concept by Joe Brusha, with art by Luca Claretti and colors by Renato Guerra. The first issue of Neverland: Age of Darkness will hit shelves in March.»




Also, must thank to Dan since he wrote this other article about my recent work (with Vincenzo Federici) on «Tales from Oz» backup (on sale today!):

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    Valora en Come With Me To Neverland… And Bring A Gun — Bleeding Cool (@bleedingcool) February 11, 2014 So… if you read the article in the link above you know that “Neverland: Age of Darkness” is the n…

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