Alas, poor… Yorick!?


Another process post!

Work on this last weekend, this has been always my favorite Wolverine´s version… the good-hearted-dwarf-bastard-murderer dressed in the John Byrne outfit.


First, I draw quick lines in my sketchbook (Lower-left sketch in photo). I dont think before sketch something, I just draw… at least, thats how I work on some personal stuff. Then, I scan that Wolvie sketch and clean-up with the Cintiq in Photoshop (Right sketch in photo) As you can see, my “clean” concept is a very dirty one!


And then… I work on inks in a sweet 60lbs. acid free Strathmore paper, theres not really a final -pencil- lineart since I use a lightbox. No, I dont use the Cintiq, why? shit! dont know! I dont really care about draw/ink on Cintiq or paper, I just enjoy both! Scan is really easy since I dont need to erase any grey tone or clean the image in Photoshop, just a simple adjust to blacks… and voilà!


Obviously, the “X” background is made in Photoshop, the same for colors but not for textures. Was a nice test for upcoming comic book pages, Im trying to fall in love with drawing, again.

Bonus track!

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