The Fourth Doctor

fourth doctor

Im not an englishman, I didnt grown-up behind the sofa with Daleks and Cybermen looking for my soul… still, I love Doctor Who, love enough to draw (and ink and color) this. Tom Baker was my first Doctor but, well, clearly Im not old enough to have seen the BBC run when it first aired so, its time for… funny stories! 

Not so many years ago (back in sweet Art School times) I was under the shower every monday at 4am to get ready for Digital Illustration class with Federico Jordán (amazing illustrator) at 7am. To me, go to the school was like, I dont know, go to Narnia… minus the wardrobe factor. And as I pay every cent for my education I was short of money (almost broke) every day and had to travel in the only direct bus from home to school, one bus for all way long as long was the time travel. Thats why I was under the shower every monday at 4am.

fourth doctor fourth doctor

At breakfast I was relatively happy with channel zapping… until one magical monday when I discover this curious tv show rerun: Doctor Who. Was so freaking kitsch and funny and wrooong that I just fell in love with the (fourth) Doctor and Romana adventures in weird planets and times.

Even better, the show ended exactly at the right time to get out and catch the bus. Perfect timing.

fourth doctor

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