Months ago I was working in some art project (which Im not sure if its dead… hope not!) based on Harvey Pekar comic book work, thanks to Facebook I was lucky enough to contact Joyce Brabner (Harvey´s widow). After a few days she told me about this wonderful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Harvey Pekar memorial to celebrate the work of a man that change the landscape of comic books for a lot of people (including me, of course). Well, Im pretty sure that Joyce could explain it better:

It’s launched! The campaign to try to raise funds for the Harvey Pekar memorial, a «Comics as Art & Literature» Desk and Statue for the Cleveland Heights Public Library, where Harvey wrote many of his stories.  Because it’s Kickstarter, it’s «all or nothing» fundraising and I have until Monday, December 5 at 12:00 EST to raise at least $30,000. If we raise more, any money left after expenses will go to buy more comics/graphic novels for the library.  Anyone who pledges gets a reward.  No money is withdrawn from your account unless we reach our goal. This was not any easy project to design.  I was very uncomfortable when «a statue of Our Man» was proposed.  But I think we’ve found a way to do something Harvey always tried to do, to recognize that comics are both art and literature and to support the library he loved.  You’ll find pictures, videos and details all at

Oh! by the way, a funny bearded guy offers a cup of tea and a long winter´s video chat to supporters:

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