October is a good month to make scripts, illustrations, sequentials, colors and lettering. Maybe the busiest month from this year… but thats my own fault since Im a very slow artist. From my sketchbook:


I made some improvements in that prehistoric alien from the previous entry and my sketchbook have some loose sketches with elongated figures, Im trying to play a little with another style… not just in drawing but also on coloring.


I was looking for a chance to do something related to My Name is Red (an excellent book by Orhan Pamuk). Master Elegant Effendi provides a charming (and dead) background.


Space girl close-up… Ground Control to Major Tom???


This smart little pig who steals the North Star (and the girl at left) is based in some short story from Les Contes de la Rue Broca (by Pierre Gripari). Sadly, I dont find the animated series in english.

Stay tuned for sketch-to-illustration process.

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