The Heap copies arrived yesterday! As I mentioned before The Heap #1 is my last published comic book at Moonstone Books and was amazing share art chores with Charles Knauf and Sami Kivelä. Buy your copy now!


I read a few reviews, tons of positive feedback, I feel great after reading words like this:

Also major kudos have to go out to Sami Kivelä for his illustrative abilities and Renato Guerra for outstanding colouring.  The look and feel from the visuals here is simply beautiful and beyond anything I could have expected.  Honestly the work really is stellar… [+]

Some final artwork previously posted here. Many thanks, Im here to make my colors better and better on every comic book I work. Sushi to celebrate!


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  1. Fantabuloso Ren! Aunque no perdono esa foto al final, eres muy cruel!

  2. ¡Pero si la última foto es lo mejor! (bueno, más bien la presentación “en vivo”)

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