THRICE the Action, as Captain Action’s Season 2 supersizes with two new episodes of the new Captain Action & Action Boy plus a new Captain Action Classified spy thriller! Though presumed dead, Captain Action’s actually in the secret city of Aggartha, getting a history lesson they don’t teach in schools in “Journey thru the Past” Then it’s an international catfight as the USA vs. the UK! Lady Action battles Liberty, of the sinister new super-team, Patriot Power! As the intrigue builds to a crescendo, everyone’s asking, “Where is Captain Action?” And in this lost tale from the swinging sixties, the original Captain Action is determined to stop the assassination of RFK. This can’t end well…

Story: Steven Grant, Paul Kupperberg
Art: Reno Maniquis, John Hebert
Color: Jason Jensen
Covers: John Byrne, Mariah Benes, Mark Wheatley and Renato Guerra
72pgs,color, $5.99

Captain Action king size special #1 (Moonstone Books) out today!

After 3 years it seems this is my last work for Moonstone Books. The Phantom, Captain Action, Buckaroo Banzai, Domino Lady… was a great trip, many thanks to Joe Gentile to give me that first job as digital color artist. Anyway, theres something weird with .jpg preview covers around intertubes so, heres final images from my pc:


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