Illustration Friday entry and (as some of you ask via Twitter and Facebook) process images. More process entries on upcoming collective exhibitions illos will be come in a few weeks, stay tuned.


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7 respuestas a «Asleep»

  1. Avatar de Rumisu

    would love to know the full story behind the illustration. looks very mystical. thank you for sharing the creative process as well :) great work :)

  2. Avatar de Samuel Tamez
    Samuel Tamez

    Hey! awesome work, regards!!!

  3. Avatar de Kerry Schofield

    Cool, love the process as well as the artwork!

  4. Avatar de angels

    Great work! Thanks for sharing the process.
    Love the lines work on the pencil one!

  5. Avatar de Renato

    Im pleased that you all liked the creative process :D

  6. Avatar de Rain

    I really like seeing the process you went through to get this illustration. Love the initial sketches and the inking!

  7. Avatar de Renato

    Thanks! :)

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