Hi! Im in Graphikslava sending hi-res files from my last graphic design work, between work and illustration workshop my free time is almost zero but this post is in drafts since weeks and file upload is slooooow. Work research from last days lead me to read about how literature inspires music, thanks to Youtube and Internet infinite power heres some songs based in books that I want to share just because I love and breath both.

Oscar Chávez // Gabriel García Márquez (One Hundred Years of Solitude)

Maqam Bayati // Orhan Pamuk (My Name is Red)

Gotan Project // Julio Cortázar (Hopscotch)

The Cure // Albert Camus (The Stranger)

Ok, next songs are not based in «books» but poetry…

Joan Manuel Serrat // Miguel Hernández (Para la Libertad)

Leonard Cohen // Federico García Lorca (Pequeño Vals Vienés)

Pablo Milanés // Nicolás Guillén (Canción)

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