What the HELL am I doing this shitty month…

Three weeks ago I make a fast trip to a local comic/manga/anime/cosplay event just because they use my illustration as promotional image in a lot of places including a big advertisment in a bridge. How cool is that!?


I have some days as part of Graphikslava, this means that I dont talk more with imaginary filthy freaks… just real filthy freaks! Graphikslava is: Jesús Aburto, Andrés Esparza, Munrah, Fares Maese (sadly, not in picture) and me. Follow us in Twitter.


Things that never came. At the end, Im not the colorist in Generations 9 due to editorial changes (not sure who´s the final color artist and my work will be back in Generations 11 & 12) but a sample of my colors over Alex Saviuk artwork:


Im in an art class, human figure drawing.
I have some sketches to show here soon.

and maybe (just maybe) Im ready to jump to an ongoing title.

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