Siempre he pensado en Macoy como un ser pachoncito y algo peludín.
Macoy character from Caballo Negro webcomic by Jorge Cavazos.

This days I have creative blocks in my color work and obviously, not rock. A great advice is that, in this fucking times, you must focus in other activities, so Im working in a couple of illustration jobs, today was inkday! but I still fear a little that upcoming bitch: colorday!

Well, as Kyle Rayner (my favorite Green Lantern) I must use my willpower to make a good color work and dont break deadlines.

Wait a minute…
…Kyle is dead.


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6 responses to “Caballo Negro fanart”

  1. HiNO Avatar

    su pilinguitaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Eve★ Avatar

    Definitivamente con toooda tu firma >< omg

  3. Cynthia Avatar

    Jajaja… me encanto!!! Macoy es la onda!!!

  4. Renato Avatar

    Hino: Anatómicamente correcto.
    Eva: Seguro lo dices por lo pachoncito.
    Cynthia: ¡Agüebo!

  5. Jorge Cavazos Avatar

    Quedó bien chido. ^_^ Lo de “toooda tu firma” me dá que pensar. En fin. :P

  6. Renato Avatar

    Jorge: Yo mejor me quedo callado.

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