Talk and beers from last october and very low-res (thanks iPhone) photo.
Rare photo with professional and/or rising mexican comic book artists. Already share this on Flickr but like enough to post here. From left to right: Bernardo Fernández Bef, me, Eva Cabrera (as always, a mystery danger woman), Jesús Aburto (as always, a mystery danger man), Leonardo Olea, Abraham Martínez Cuervoscuro, Berenice Muñíz, Gustavo Caballero Guffo and (invisible) Salvador Vázquez Mudo who take this photo.

UPDATE: I find this in Olea´s Facebook :)



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2 respuestas a «Comic book army»

  1. jiji :) Buena platica y buenos artistas.

  2. Que chido!!!!


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