Slowly back to the battlefield after days of pure evil sickness. At first, doctor suspect of A/H1N1 virus but was a strong STRONG infection in respiratory tract. Im much better now, not fever or headhaches but still weak as a baby sphincter. I have been rest in bed all day and hope back to work tomorrow because deadlines are still here, in fact I miss 2 of them and that sucks.

UPDATE (two days later…)
Talk too fast, sept.14 at 7:30pm and I just put my ass in the workstation.
Still sick but comics dont stop!

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3 respuestas a «Days in hell…»

  1. Avatar de Eve★

    Me alegra que ya estés mejor : ) (L)

  2. Avatar de Renato

    Mejor mas no curado del todo. Aún así ayer retome de lleno todo lo que estaba pendiente.


  3. Avatar de JESUS ANTONIO

    Amigo recuperate!!!! Ya se me hacia extrano no saber de aste!!

    Abrazos y cuidese porfis!!


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