A Singh pirate leader has learned of this skull—although he doesn’t know its’ true significance–and to avenge the many defeats of his ancestors by the hands of the Phantom line, decides to steal that very skull, hoping to demoralize the Phantom. No pirate has ever penetrated the Deep Woods before. But backed by a tiny band of cut-throats, the ancestral cranium is stolen!

Story: Will Murray.
Art: Shawn Van Briesen and Mark Stegbauer.
Colors: Renato Guerra.
Cover: Doug Klauba and Jason Millet.
32pgs, color, $3.99

You can order direct from Moonstone Books website.

Little sample of work process for every page in this issue. Pencil, ink and color:



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3 respuestas a «The Phantom Generations 04 preview»

  1. Buen trabajo Renato, me encantó :D!!

  2. Ultra perrón!!!

  3. ¡Gracias a ambos! :D

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