This post came a little late but Im working in 4 works at same time (3 of them comics!). Domino Lady came out last week and I made some colors over Daniel Sampere incredible artwork with words by Nancy Holder. This issue have a great cover by Uwe Jarling.


The debut of Moonstone’s hot noir-crime thriller! Buffy novelist and four time Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Holder uncovers the sexy romp secrets of our stunning Blond Bombshell in this new on-going series! The Domino Lady does whatever it takes, and uses whatever is at her disposal, to outthink and outplay those who prey upon the innocent. Sleeping with the enemy makes no difference with her, as long as she can put away the bad guys. No man can resist her, for she strikes without warning and she holds all the cards.

Story: Nancy Holder.
Art: Daniel Sampere and Leeahd Goldberg.
Colors: Jason Jensen and Renato Guerra.
Cover: Uwe Jarling.
27pgs, color, $3.99 dlls.

You can order direct from Moonstone Books website.

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