A friend of mine (Abraham Martínez) and some good fellows (Ricardo Llarena, Axel Medellín and Felipe Sobreiro) are competing this month in Zuda Comics with a great project titled EARTHBUILDERS… and they are asking for your help!!!

The Terraformation of Mars was completed more than two centuries ago and since then a new age of humanity has begun: an age where space has been conquered, one planet at a time.

The so-called Earthbuilders, elite members of the Terraformation Fleet, have created new – and sometimes better – “Earths” wherever they land. Dead planets are given new life, tailor-made worlds for specific communities or corporations and even places that recreate what life was like on Earth millions of years ago.
A glimmer of hope in humanity’s quest for finding native alien life-forms appears when a sudden alteration in New Sapmi’s weather patterns forces the Earthbuilders to investigate what’s happening in that frozen planet.

What starts as a routine investigation soon turns out to be a nightmare. For the first time the Earthbuilders face something not even their knowledge and technology might prevent: an event that will cause the planet’s mass extinction.

Login to your Zuda account (if you don’t have an account already, you can create one in seconds), read the comic and (if you like it) vote now!!

UPDATE [04.30.09]: They won!!! Thanks a lot for your vote :D

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