Next month comes Buckaroo Banzai Origins (A Tomb with a View) thanks to Moonstone Books. And heres a little 4 pages preview, I work only in half issue and talented Jason Jensen did the other half. More enjoyable page?? Page 3, no doubt.


Written by Earl Mac Rauch, art by Amin Amat, colors by Jason Jensen and Renato Guerra, covers by Ed Hannigan and Lee Moyer.
“A Tomb with a View.” Another new tale of Buckaroo Banzai written by his creator! What made Buckaroo the man of science and justice that he is today? Let’s go back to that fateful day. His visionary father testing the Overthruster…and the tragedy that followed. Young Buckaroo had to grow up fast, as you will see, for the World Crime League was well aware of his potential even then! They go after him and all that¹s in the Banzai name with guns blazing! Join young Buckaroo, his mother, Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, and a band of Apache Shepherds to make things right!
32 pages, $3.99 (Limited edition cover, $4.99).

As always, you can order direct from Moonstone Books website.


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