My friends Elizabeth Gil, Jorge Tovalín and Jesús Hernández comes to Monterrey for local comicon and last friday we have a great talk about current and future projects, life, comics in general in middle of delicious pizza dinner, as you can see in the pic a couple of pizzas were lost in pieces in our respectives bodies. In the image, from left to right: Moi, Eva Cabrera, Jesús Hernández, Jorge Tovalín and Elizabeth Gil.

Many thanks for friendship!!


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3 respuestas a «Dinner time»

  1. La pasamos muy padre, ojala se repita… y la pizza también joi joi *w*

  2. Malditos! Se fueron al OH SIEMPRE DELICIOSO Nequén! :P

  3. Ehm… Neuquén, quiero decir :P

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