But barely, I was sick for last 3 days and that sucks… last couple of weeks has been a total crazyness here but also very productive, as color artist I finish some pages of Buckaroo Banzai: Origins comic, and the first issue of Phantom: Generations miniseries (both from Moonstone) and 8 pages as my grain of sand to HOPE: HERO INITIATIVE a benefit anthology to be published by Ronin Studios with collaborations from a lot of comic book makers… and Gerry Alanguilan have a short story inside! Gerry is one of my comic book heros, to know more about Hero Initiative visit her website. Heres a little preview of my pages (with art by Amin Amat) from Buckaroo Banzai: Origins…


In more personal matters Im adapting a script from one of my short stories from… 2005!! and working on some illustrations and my personal (and for now, secret) project. Im using free time to sketch and draw more… in fact, in bed (and sick) is the only real fun thing to do.

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