Well, Im more fan of Kato than Green Hornet but a new line of Green Hornet prose anthologies books means more Kato! All thanks to Moonstone Books. From Ruben Procopio blog:

“That Buzzing Sound at NYCC….
Yes, you can believe your eyeszzzz!! As announced today at the NYCC’s Pulps Panel, Moonstone Books has obtained the rights to publish a series of Green Hornet and Kato prose anthologies illustrated and art directed by yours truly.

Joe Gentile, publisher of Moonstone Books, will edit the bookszzz, which will bring you the work of many of today’s top writers. Go to Moonstone Books for more info coming soon.”

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  1. nO MAMESSSSS…green Hornet is one of my favorite characters ever!!!! Damn!! i will see if I can work one Cover just for fun!! damn!!!!


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