Since Pat Quinn show the same images in his blog, I show you a little technicolor preview of The Phantom: Generations #1 interiors, upcoming by Moonstone Books. Click image for bigger size.

“This new maxi-series of one-shot comic novellas tells, with each new issue, a tale of one of the 21 Phantoms! Ben Raab and Pat Quinn return to tell an untold tale of the first Phantom, a tale of intrigue and adventure torn from the very first Chronicle of the Ghost Who Walks. When his newborn son is abducted and his family threatened, the Phantom goes on the hunt to uncover the identity of the mysterious kidnapper and bring the blackguard to justice!”

Story: Ben Raab.
Art: Pat Quinn.
Colors: Renato Guerra.

For Phantom Phans in Chronicle Chamber forum, take a look here for kick-ass preview :)

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