Hi sweet bastards!! Moreless a month ago I post a couple [1] [2] of posts in spanish with the 8×8 in their titles, well, all that was to talk a little about a great excersize made by 20 local sequential artists, our poor version of Scott McCloud´s 24×24… because we are very busy people! (hey, that was just a silly joke, we are just laaazy). A 8-pages short comic made in 8 hours… and I dont finish, ha, ha!! fuck me, please. I just make 5 pages and more than 100 pages of short comics are here. My short (and lazy) comic is here:

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  1. […] which was a little… crazy. As previous experience, I just have an 8 hour comics with 5 finished pages and I really want this new challenge to test myself not as a quick artist but like a good […]

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