I love my work. The actual in crescendo is in some ways… hard. Because I dont want to be just a color artist, I want… I need make illustrations and this days I just make sketches and doodles but here I am, 2:30am in this place and I just take a 30-40 minutes to drink h2o, read a chapter of a book and then back again to work, sucked into the big and colorful Photoshop hole because I need to finish some colors but this time wasnt my workholics senses, maybe in some coming post I could tell more.

And yes, I love my work… but I need draw more.
MUCH more.

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One response to “Sucked into the Photoshop hole”

  1. Man, I can relate to you.

    My piece of advice is to keep the wave and load of work as it is coming and as soon as you get the steady economical imput to cover expenses and luxuries that is when you can decide to keep the coloring pace or the drawing one.
    Just keep drawing even if you are just doddling…

    And thank you so much for being part of what I do…. chill out buddie!!



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