2009 looks like a kick-ass year. Im working in my first (selfpublished) comic book project as full artist and I keep my work with Moonstone Books. My first project with the company was the Buckaroo Banzai oversized one-shot (with art by Paul Hanley); at the same time they send me the variant cover from The Phantom 26, a great piece with Andy Smith art that was my first finished (and U.S. published) color work.

After finish the Buckaroo Banzai pages (and cover) Moonstone ask me if I could color another Phantom variant cover, this time for the second issue of the title relaunch (renamed as The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks). To my surprise the variant cover was done by Rick Leonardi and Terry Austin, two artists of which I keep great memories, I just can say that was a dream work over Leonardi and Austin lines, the final piece is here. Now another dream arrives because Moonstone has ask me if I could color the upcoming The Phantom: Generations miniseries, a big question to which I responded with a big YES!! About The Phantom: Generations, Mike Bullock (Phantom writer) said:

It’s going to be 21 stories of The Phantoms, one for each of them, done in the comic novella format. Once collected, they’ll make a nice addition to any library that has Legacy in it. The first issue was written by Ben Raab, with art by Pat Quinn, chronicling another adventure of the first. Next up is Tom Defalco, with a great new story of the second. Then Mel Odom has a tale of the third. Later on, Moonstone fans will get new tales from favorite writers such as Tony Bedard, Justin Gray, Marv Wolfman and Joe Gentile.

This is my current work and Im more than happy and it would want to be thankful to Joe Gentile by this fantastic opportunity. The top images are the first covers by the amazing duo Doug Klauba and Jason Millet, cover artists for this project.

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  1. I am so proud and happy for you Renato!!! :)

    Enjoy the beginning of great things coming your way!! :)


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