I made a Green Lantern Corps fanart between works. I was reading some issues from Green Lantern main title and I like a lot Geoff Johns stories and Ivan Reis art. I keep some pictures of the process to show you in this space.

Sketch. First of all, I think a lot about featured characters in this image, Hal Jordan comes to my mind but the main thing that I like about the book is the concept of group… a very large group know as the Green Lantern Corps, so the first sketch show some members, none from the comic book except for (a very tiny) John Stewart.


Draw. Final inked draw, due to lack of time I just draw the characters keeping in mind a digital background based on fractals. Green Lantern´s logo comes later from a digital file.


Flats. Color flats showing another element: the green energy that we see when a Corps member flight, was made with a brush and acrylic (nope, not digital).


Background. Adding a digital background, at this point I dont use fractals, so I scan some old images from an astronomy book (we have a large library that includes books from 1930something). Theres 4 images in that background.


Coloring. Some parts of digital coloring.



Final work…


Hope you like the image and this little post with the process.


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