Today is the day, after a few illness I get back to work at full time.
A lot of cool projects are close, not only my color work for Moonstone (Buckaroo Banzai), this one-shot comic has been a great learning experience to me thanks to Paul Hanley (artist) and Joe Gentile (editor). Another project is a short 3 pages story to El Arsenal: Mixtape with writer Abraham Martínez and again with Abraham theres a short 4 pages story for Openhaüs.03

A kind of different webcomic project with 2 stories by me (one as full artist and another just as writer with Jesús Hernández as artist) comes in a couple of months. Ángel Caído Crónicas is coming too, a color work over Rodrigo Tobias art. My work as teacher continues at Ethos, at this point my students and me are working in his project storyboard. 7 projects with 7 deadlines and great people involved, I love this because Im not just working as colorist, Im working in different levels as writer, artist (penciller, inker), teacher and colorist and that helps me a lot in my development as comic-book creator, I have a lot of things to learn.

Well, I could say that my schedule is full but no… theres another thing!!! Eva and me moving to a new house in almost one month. Im with a really FULL schedule but I want to update this site, this main site instead Deviantart, MySpace or another webshit… just this site and Flickr (I host photos there).

Thats all… stay tuned.

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  1. Think I can safely say for all the fans on my Buckaroo Banzai mailing lists that we’re really looking forward to the new one-shot. (and, yeah, all Moonstone’s other BB projects)

    Welcome to the BB family!

  2. Hey, thanks ArcLight!
    Hope my work likes you…

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