Times are changing


Today is the day, after a few illness I get back to work at full time.
A lot of cool projects are close, not only my color work for Moonstone (Buckaroo Banzai), this one-shot comic has been a great learning experience to me thanks to Paul Hanley (artist) and Joe Gentile (editor). Another project is a short 3 pages story to El Arsenal: Mixtape with writer Abraham Martínez and again with Abraham theres a short 4 pages story for Openhaüs.03

A kind of different webcomic project with 2 stories by me (one as full artist and another just as writer with Jesús Hernández as artist) comes in a couple of months. Ángel Caído Crónicas is coming too, a color work over Rodrigo Tobias art. My work as teacher continues at Ethos, at this point my students and me are working in his project storyboard. 7 projects with 7 deadlines and great people involved, I love this because Im not just working as colorist, Im working in different levels as writer, artist (penciller, inker), teacher and colorist and that helps me a lot in my development as comic-book creator, I have a lot of things to learn.

Well, I could say that my schedule is full but no… theres another thing!!! Eva and me moving to a new house in almost one month. Im with a really FULL schedule but I want to update this site, this main site instead Deviantart, MySpace or another webshit… just this site and Flickr (I host photos there).

Thats all… stay tuned.

Published by Renato

Como artista gráfico he publicado mi trabajo en 6S Studio, DC Comics, Heavy Metal, IDW Publishing, Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Rovolt, Stone Arch, Timof Comics, Zenescope Entertainment y más.

2 thoughts on “Times are changing

  1. Think I can safely say for all the fans on my Buckaroo Banzai mailing lists that we’re really looking forward to the new one-shot. (and, yeah, all Moonstone’s other BB projects)

    Welcome to the BB family!


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