Here`s a little preview of my color work for the third issue of Ángel Caído Crónicas (Fallen Angel Chronicles) over Rodrigo Tobias art. More than just a comic book miniseries, Ángel Caído Crónicas is a prequel to the first mexican epic movie, full of stunning sfx and great props…

Yeah, sure… pure eye-candy but… what about the story?? Well, I need to read more comics but at this moment theres something in the characters lines that I dont like much. Anyway, I want to get a chance to this project. thats why I say yes to work on this comic colors. Theres one writer (Paco Espinosa), one cover artist (Mauricio Herrera) and two creative teams: Jorge Mercado and Benny Fuentes & Rodrigo Tobias and me.

Im truly happy with this chance.
See you later, bastards.

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