R.G. Llarena (writer), Milton Sobreiro (artist) and Felipe Sobreiro (letterer and colorist) release Cursed Planet in DC Comics Zuda site, competing against another 9 comics.

They have only one chance to get a contract and publish the rest of the story winning the competition, for that… they need your help!! Login to your Zuda account (if you don’t have an account already, you can create one in seconds), read the comic and (if you like it) vote for it!!

I really like Cursed Planet and I want to know what the hell happen with Nicholas Jericho and company. My vote for this amazing story.

Tons of luck for you guys!!!

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2 respuestas a «Cursed Planet on Zuda»

  1. Gracias por el apoyo, Ren!

  2. Ke onda Renato, ya subi a mi personaje a mi blog para que lo cheques nos vemos luego…

    Atte: Ivan Rojo


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