Openhaüs little (and punky) pet: Kafka.

I noted a little workspace category in this blog with just 2 posts inside, they dont fix with my idea of the category definition, sooo… I want more notes and photos of my work environment, with that in mind (and a new work who keep my ass in Openhaüs bunker) I start again this category. Photos are hosted on my Flickr, please click to open a new window with a bigger image.


Eva and me working in a big refrigerator… alias house.

My girl working under our Art Director (Kukihna Marakas) supervision. Dont look at his sweet eyes, sometimes she is a real bitch.

UPDATE 2017 | A dedicated category for workstation pictures and updates was a really silly idea, that´s why has been deleted a few minutes ago. Posts from the recently deceased category are now located under general label.


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