Im back from Mexico city. What a great experience!! I know a lot of illustrators: Emmy, Víctor Hernández, Kenta, Mauricio Herrera and Jesús Antonio (alias Portaveritas), among others.


The last friday Eva and me goes to Mexico city to La Mole event, I think that isnt a comicon but a comics/manga related event. After left our bagpacks we go to La Mole at a few steps from the hotel. I has the chance to talk with Mauricio Herrera about comics, publishing, editorial design and others things. By night Eva and me goes to Tokyo Pop bar, a small place full of good taste, white munnies and Kenta´s artwork wich I like so much, we brought some stickers with his illustrations and talk a little with him.


Openhaüs sellout the second day!!! After the con we have a dinner with Emmy, Víctor, Brocoli and Paco Espinoza. Here some photos:


Emmy and Víctor.


Me with Supercomics staff in da con.

As you can see, I dont take a lot of photos because I was full of fun (ha!). I need to ask to the others for more pics; I will update this post when photos start to come to my inbox.

Happy Holidays to all!!


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  1. Waaaa..una foto con Juan Carlos Bodoque!!!…(Conejo Rojo). En Chile lo queremos mas que al Pudú y al Condor (Los animales que adornan nuestro escudo nacional)….XD!!!

    Un saludo desde el culo del mundo…(mas abajo ya no hay nada mas)

  2. Avatar de JESUS ANTONIO

    Kiubo gracias por la mencion y pos yo esperando que me digas que onda…un saludote a la Mapetina de mi parte y de la Klaus…

    Kuddos to you!!!

    Jesus Antonio

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