Back from Mexico city

Im back from Mexico city. What a great experience!! I know a lot of illustrators: Emmy, Víctor Hernández, Kenta, Mauricio Herrera and Jesús Antonio (alias Portaveritas), among others.


The last friday Eva and me goes to Mexico city to La Mole event, I think that isnt a comicon but a comics/manga related event. After left our bagpacks we go to La Mole at a few steps from the hotel. I has the chance to talk with Mauricio Herrera about comics, publishing, editorial design and others things. By night Eva and me goes to Tokyo Pop bar, a small place full of good taste, white munnies and Kenta´s artwork wich I like so much, we brought some stickers with his illustrations and talk a little with him.


Openhaüs sellout the second day!!! After the con we have a dinner with Emmy, Víctor, Brocoli and Paco Espinoza. Here some photos:


Emmy and Víctor.


Me with Supercomics staff in da con.

As you can see, I dont take a lot of photos because I was full of fun (ha!). I need to ask to the others for more pics; I will update this post when photos start to come to my inbox.

Happy Holidays to all!!

2 thoughts on “Back from Mexico city

  1. Waaaa..una foto con Juan Carlos Bodoque!!!…(Conejo Rojo). En Chile lo queremos mas que al Pudú y al Condor (Los animales que adornan nuestro escudo nacional)….XD!!!

    Un saludo desde el culo del mundo…(mas abajo ya no hay nada mas)


  2. Kiubo gracias por la mencion y pos yo esperando que me digas que onda…un saludote a la Mapetina de mi parte y de la Klaus…

    Kuddos to you!!!

    Jesus Antonio


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