Today my Openhaüs cover was featured as Daily Deviation! Is my first DD at DeviantArt. I logged to DeviantArt this morning and something suspicious happen… a hundred of favorites in the Openhaüs cover, then I see the little banner below the image Daily Deviation, 2007-12-06. The image was suggested by Diana, about the illustration, she says:

This cover from a book out of Monterrey, Mexico really caught my eye, and days later I’m still admiring it. It’s dynamic, its eye-catching, it tells a story… the texture and tone on the fantastic composition really makes it stand out. It’s a cover that really wants to make you pick it up off the shelf and take a closer look. Makes you want to open the book and see what’s inside, to finish the story that the cover started.

If you dont remember, heres the cover:


Thanks a lot to Diana and the DeviantArt team!!

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