Hi, hi!! Just a quick one (uhm.. as always, right?)…


From left to right: (Above) Daniel, Laura, Andrés, (below) me, Eva, Tatto and Jorge. Cool photo from ¡#$%&! Cómics first party. ¡#$%&! Cómics is a great local project with short comics and comic strips, my first colaboration comes in #4 with Bananarama, an aborted project with a cute monkey as main character but in #5 comes the real colaboration, unfortunately I cant talk about yet. More photos and freaks here.

This image is old for someone, Freakangels promo, a upcoming free webcomic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. Duffield make this animated short and I like enough to post it here:

Ok, my workday is over, in a few minutes Im going to home sweet home to work in comics!!
Life is good.


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