My pals at Protobunker Studio (Daniel, Raúl, Jorge and Tatto) have a new website with great galleries… and a blog!!

From his about page:

Protobunker Studio, dedicated and created around the ever growing comic book industry is formed by young creative artists, pencilers, writers and digital colorists.

Ongoing projects are part of some of the fields top companies, including (but not limited to) Marvel Comics (USA), Les Humanoïdes Associés (France), and Norma Editorial (Spain). Here, their abilities are applied as graphic colorists or in developing projects of their own.

Enjoying what they do best, these creative fellows use the Protobunker as their launch pad, having no obstacles in sight and fueled with a tank full of imagination.

(Yes, that was the best photo of Protobunker´s crew…)

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  1. La revista Concepto que mencionas ¿se puede conseguir en México?

  2. Por lo pronto se puede conseuir en la ciudad de Monterrey, es de distribución gratuita pero te debo la lista de los lugares en donde se puede encontrar. En cuanto sepa el dato actualizo la información.

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