Almost 5am in this side of Earth, Eva goes to sleep 3 hours ago. We are working in the first issue of Openhaüs, a comic-book anthology with works by Ani Castillo, Norma Cuéllar, and of course, Eva and myself. Openhaüs.01 comes this november 16th in a local Con. Eva`s short story is titled El Manzano (The Apple Tree), she draw an illustration for Norma short tale too, my short story is titled Raíz (Root).

We are happy, we are tired… and we are full of stress. But we are making comics and comics are good (as Becky could say). Im the only man in the first issue and Im very proud of it; theres not a lot of women in Mexico working on comics, Openhaüs not have only comicgirls, Openhaüs have talented comicgirlsGrrrrl Powa!!! in his highest point.

The image from above is the final lineart of the cover, a post about process coloring is coming in a few days.

Now to bed.

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