Time for a process post!!!
Ok bastards. This is related with the last one. As you know (if you read this blog) Im working in some editorial design for a 98 pages publication; also, I have chance to illustrate articles. In the first issue I dont had much time for this but I was working in two pieces: A pic for an article about music creation and the main cover (words about this in a future post… obvious). This post is a kind of visual guide to the process.

The main idea comes from Miguel himself and was great because he is a very creative guy, I made some minor changes like the blue guy in top (originally Mario Ruíz).


The left image is the final composition of 5 or 7 photos. The funny guys in photo are Miguel and Mario. The right image is the unfinished piece, graphite and ink over fabriano.


Final draw was scanned at 400 dpi, after digital corrections in eyes, hands and some lines color flats were added. I always start colors with greyish/dark tones and then add lights and effects. Image at 400 dpi in Photoshop, CMYK mode.

Final piece. I use a great pattern (thanks StockExpert!) as background and some homemade texture, I explained my steps to create textures before.


Broke signal now.
Back to Photoshop and drawing table.

uhm.. I need more Coke.


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  1. that’s some impressive shading of the characters, and placement into the background. Great use of light and everything.. enjoyed the progression. peace.

  2. Great Work ! I Love expression on angelic devil elf dude’s face. Cheers.

  3. oie, curti seu blog..massa o layout e o trampo tb.


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