Yesterday was my 25th birthday.
Yep, another year to the list. Is my first birthday with a lovely woman who´s sharing my life and my dreams. For first time in years I have something like a party, well, was more like a reunion with some of my friends…


From LtoR: Daniel, Tatto and Rulo.


From LtoR: Daniela, Cayo, Ale and Lubi.


From LtoR: Andrés, Raúl (he´s smoking a puro, not maryjane :P) and Gerardo.


From LtoR: Me, Tatto, Daniel (above), Eva, Rulo and Jorge. I had a great night thanks to my friends.

3 thoughts on “25

  1. Renato.. renato guerra me suena ese nombre y esa carota aunque ya muy diferente creo que si eres.. chiale Renato que te hiciste? bueno, no se si te acuerdes de mi soy Tania Valenzuela era de la prepa Alvaro, y estaba en el disque club literario de Andres montes de oca… EREEEESSS TUUUUUUUUUUU???????? si eres contestame a mi mail marymed18@hotmail.com si no, ignora este estupido mail…


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