Since 3 weeks ago, my work has turned in something really interesting thanks to our new editor (Norma Cuéllar); I meet Norma randomly some years ago when I was starting as graphic designer, now we are working in a 98 pages magazine (and for that -and other things- my life is busybusybusy) about fashion, music, art, architecture and more.

Today we has a photoshot with Miguel Almaguer, a very young musician who has composed music for nearly 20 shortfilms (and 3 or 4 films), Miguel begun his piano lessons at the age of thirteen and have a lot of experience (if you dont believe me, please click in the link above). He gave us an article and Im gonna make an illustration for it… yeah babe!!


Our new raggaemuffin´ band, from left to right: Miguel, Norma, Mario and me.


Happy faces!

See you later… :)

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