Ok, time for a very long post!
(but only for the photos)

Today my girl, my mother and me go to the Isis & The Feathered Serpent exhibition, part of a recent International Forum on our city; full of dialogues, exhibitions and cultural expressions (at least, that say the website):

The Forum is a global event that occurs every four years and that connects cities from all over the world. Monterrey is the place that has been chosen on this occasion to promote thinking and problem solving methods in order to deal with issues of global importance such as peace, education, knowledge, and ecological conservation amongst other topics.

Now… photos!!!

The funny guy is Osiris, The Lord of the Beautiful West.

Sarcophagus of Lady Isis (wife of Kabekhent).

Sarcophagus. I dont remeber who is the happy (and dead) owner.

Horus, god of the sky, and the son of Osiris.

Believe or not… this guy is egyptian!!!

Me filtring

An amazing boat :)

Egyptian mural
My mother and Eva in front of a egyptian mural.

Mom and me.

Anubis vs. me
Anubis vs. me.

Lord of Las Limas
Here begins the Prehispanic part. This scary guy is The Lord of Las Limas a olmec piece. And I say scary because in second grade I read a short story with his origin and a very bad illustration from the scholar book give me one of the most spooky nightmares in my life.

Mom with a snail piece, a kind of life and resurrection symbol.

Eva and the end zone from the classic ballgame in prehispanic times. Teams scored by bouncing the ball into the end zone, or when the opposing team failed to return the ball after the second bounce; as you can look, the end zone is located in a very high point. Eat this, Beckham!

Stone snake.

Feathered snake
Another snake, but this time is the feathered snake from the exhibition title: Quetzalcoatl!!

Eva and the Disk with Skull from teotihuacan origin.

Skull 2
Me and the Disk with Skull, this is one of my favorites pieces.

Ok, time to get back to the drawing table.
See you soon… I hope.

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