Im still alive but I got a new job… a «real» job as graphic designer. Its a good job because I make only print design… bye, bye webshit and code!!


Im still in comics too, in fact Eva and me are working on two short stories for a upcoming publication (november/2007) with some amazing collaborators (and when Im saying amazing I want to say AMAZING), the name of this new experiment is Openhaüs, preview art and more maybe next week. In other hand, we start a 365days project on Flickr!! click here to see the photos.

Not internet connection in home yet :(

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  1. Avatar de robin

    k onda ren me da gusto que ya andes establecido y haciendo proyetcos ey k onda con openhaus¡¡¡segurian als puertas abiertas o ya solo gente sorprendente?? (broma) saludos

  2. Avatar de Renato

    Estan las puertas abiertas a gente sorprendente, que muchas veces no es la más conocida ni la más popular…

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