Its 6:17am in Monterrey and Im very excited!!

I finish some pencils for Nahual, one of my 3 comic book projects (the others are Hölkan, a weekly webcomic and Openhaüs, a comic book with short stories by my girl and me). In past, I publish 2 issues of Nahual in minicomic format but now I want to work in a regular comic book format. Theres no date to publish Nahual, we (the inker and I) are working with no deadlines, this could be selfpublished in some point of 2008 but I really dont know.

Im having so much fun :)


The main character, Crisostomo Cruz, alias El Nahual.


The bad guy, formerly know as Natanael but renamed as Barak (thunder in hebrew).


Gumarito, Nahual`s godson.


El buen Tata, Nahual`s grandfather. More to come!!

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