Not in this order:

1.- 5 pages of Failure (draw, inks, color and lettering), a short story by Nek and me.
2.- Interview job this week.
3.- Poo.
4.- A LOT of flats.
5.- Update El Quejido website.
6.- Find -my girlfriend and me- new house.
7.- Buy a scanner.
8.- Draw more pages for my upcoming webcomic (5 pages finished!!).
9.- Destroy Latveria.
10.- Sleep.

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2 respuestas a «“Things to do” list»

  1. ● what is Poo?
    ● yeah new house in Monterrey!!! *u*
    ● you finished 5!!! I want to see O_o*
    ● jajjajajajajajaj Noooo Latveria noooo, the Dr. Doom is my friend, jajja
    ● Sleep? What is that?

    kisses ∑:3

  2. ● “Poo” is, ehm… popó.
    ● New house soon, darling!!!
    ● Until 07.07.07
    ● But I hate Latveria.
    ● I dont know.

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