I finish this book today, a slow lecture because I use little free time on it (translation: I read this on the bathroom, he, he…). Writing by Maurice Druon, The Iron King is part of The Accursed Kings, a seven historical novels set in the Middle Age France about conspirations, romance and… oh yeah, templar knights baby!! I recomend this book? Yes, is almost serious and thats pretty good, youre not reading that DaVinci Code (or any similar) garbage.

I read this because I need research about royalty in hard times and the book (in fact, the complete saga) is a real help. In this first part, Philip IV (the Fair, le Bel in french) gives death sentence to the last templar knights after a seven years imprisonment. Before his death, Jacques de Molay curses the french royalty until the 13th generation…

…and thats the start point of the saga.
I need the other six books.

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