Im back from Guadalajara since last sunday. Buuut, Im busy with:

1.- Updating a website.
2.- Writing 4 short comics.
3.- Sketching characters for another one.
4.- Reorganizing my Nahual comic book (format and pages, script ready!).
5.- Developing script for a children`s book.
6.- Woking in a short film graphic design.
7.- Moving furniture, painting a room and moving more furniture (and things) to -my girlfriend and me- future home sweet home :)
8.- A magazine design (more about this in october).
9.- Drawing in my new and beautiful Moleskine (snif…!).
10.- Organizing Openhaüs (the graphic design studio not this blog) from the logo to the website design.
11.- Writing a short sci-fi tale for a contest (I need at least 15 or 20 pages).
12.- Sketching pages for a webcomic.

I forgot something… Im sure.

As you can see I dont have time for serious rock-on blogging… in fact, this blog is goning to die soon, well, not exactly uhm, the blog go to my main domain (www.renatoguerra.com) this or next month.

See you soon!
(I think…)

UPDATE: At last, my blog in my main domain! :)

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