Ok, what can I say? what can I say?…

Perhaps I begin to update this thing the next week… no, a little while, perhaps before. I dont know. Meanwhile, check these three of my friends deviantart galleries:

Andrés “darkiescout” Esparza: Hes drawing a comic called Nahuice.
Tomás Hernandez: Kick-ass artist.
Balta Cárdenas: The guy who see interporn in the mac on my left.

The last week I finished The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson, very good lecture, also I finished Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, the second part of Ender`s Game, I liked too, not at the level of Anderson`s novel but is better (in a literary level) than Ender`s Game. Now I have a pair of books of Italo Calvino and the Lord of the Rings series… I must say this: I fell asleep at the first five minutes of the film, so my expectations on Tolkien aren`t too good… but my girl give me the books and I will give a chance since she did the same with Dr. House (oh, I love that show!).


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