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I just finished the Ender`s Game and Shadow of the Hegemon book`s, both by Orson Scott Card. I enjoy Ender`s Game, was a great lecture with surprises in the final chapters (well, no surprises at all, my first lecture from Ender`s universe was Ender`s Shadow, a parallel novel and first part of Shadow of the Hegemon)… on the other hand, I hate Shadow of the Hegemon, the story looks like a Risk game and I hate Risk, theres a lot of plots of enemy lines, war tactics, fights… myohmy, you need a world map to understand the storyline!! was hard but I finished the book, yeah, Im a book-junkie and big masochist.

The next book on my list is Speaker for the Dead, the second part of Ender`s Game. I hope a not so bad story as the second part of Ender`s Shadow. I hope, but Im not sure… sniff!

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